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Building Our Foundation

Welcome back! We successfully purchased the chassis and motor from Dartmouth, and now the car is set up in the workshop in BiHall (our science building). Each team is in the process of disassembling their respective car parts (such as the brakes and the suspensions) and taking stock so that any missing pieces can be obtained. Louis made a giant poster of the electrical circuit (provided by Dartmouth!) and we have been working together to decipher it. All team members have been undergoing safety training (we are currently finishing up Phase 2, which will allow us to use power tools!). We are also working with the Hannaford Career Center into getting a welding workshop for any interested team members for J-Term. Our activities fair was successful, and we have around 20 consistent members working on the car with around 100 on our email list. Team Leaders gather every Sunday to watch F1 races and discuss the past week's goals and prepare for the upcoming week. Financially, we are working on finding sponsors and working with Middlebury to connect with alumni and other financial resources that Middlebury has to offer.

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