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Founding the Club

September 2021

Welcome to the start of Middlebury Formula Hybrid! This will be the first in a monthly series of news and updates for our club, where each team (Tires and Brakes, Electrical, Chassis and Suspension, Powertrain, Combustion, Outreach, and Budgeting and Fundraising) will give a brief summary of what they have been up to.

Currently, we have over 50 interested students, ranging from sophomores to seniors. After Middlebury’s September 21st student organization fair, we hope to get some freshman added to that roster! While Middlebury does not have an engineering program, the team members all bring their own unique expertises to the table. We have welders, kart racers, bike mechanics, pit crew members, and students with experience in car restoration, machining, aerodynamics, graphic design, and fundraising. While most students do not have actual motorsport experience, everyone’s skills will be important for a successful year. It has just been confirmed that our club will be running for the 2021-2022 academic year, and we are beyond stoked to get started!

As we all get back on campus, we will be having our first team meeting in person, where we will finalize each team’s timelines and budgets for the fall semester, brainstorm ideas for fundraising, and go over liability and safety training. Then, each team will be meeting individually to assign roles to every member and discuss their team-specific goals.

This upcoming weekend, we plan to pickup Dartmouth's old chassis (see picture) and some other parts to bring back to BiHall and get started on the rebuild.

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